Columbia County Fire Rescue is following State guidelines during this rapidly changing crises.  Below is a link to the State Health Department COVID-19 website for the most up to date information from the State of Florida.  Although you may not see us out in public as much because we are practicing "social distancing",  we are still on duty and ready to respond to your needs.

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Community Firewise Event 

Deep Creek

Deep Creek

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Firehouse Subs Grant 

May 26, 2017

CCFR is proud to announce that we have been awarded a Firehouse Subs Grant.  Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation has provided Hurst Rescue Tools Extrication Equipment to CCFR in order to replace some of our outdated tools. This will enable CCFR to provide improved rescue capabilities for victims in motor vehicle accidents.







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CCFR expands Fire Prevention Programs 

I would like to thank you for visiting the CCFR website. We are in the process of starting our Fire Prevention Program for all ages and have made some new additions. My Name is Josh Wehinger and I currently hold the position of Fire Lieutenant with the Columbia County Fire Rescue Department. I personally have been in the fire service for 11 years and love working with children and adults of all ages. I was actively involved with the starting of the Lake City Fire Department clown team about eight years ago. I have since transferred to this department and am working to establish a Clown Team to reach the children and adults of Columbia County. My clown name is NOZZLE and he loves hanging out with kids of all ages and talking with them about being fire safe. Nozzle has two new friends and their names are HIGBEE and DING DING. I would love to tell you about them. HIGBEE is very quiet but loves to teach children about the dangers that are around us every day. It may take a few minutes to get him to warm up to you but once he does, he's great fun. Ding Ding on the other hand is very high strung and loves to play and hang out. He is just like one of the kids and is more than willing to spread the news about Fire Safety. Together we work hand and hand with the famous BOOTS of the Lake City Fire Department. We currently are working on some things to bring to schools and other events. So keep checking our web site for upcoming events and remember always be fire safe! NOZZLE

PS. Can you identify "NOZZLE", "HIGBEE" and last but not least "DING DING"?

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